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Valeria --

I attended McKee's seminar last June in San Francisco -- a point that stuck with me was, "life, on screen, is boring -- you must explore the depths of human experience." Big lessons for marketers throughout his work.

Will talk later --

Gianandrea -- you did some very fine analysis of a business model that is rarely understood. I hope we can drive some more people to that conversation.

Richie -- I love learning. For many years as I welcome people to our business network in Philadelphia I've been asking them what book(s) they found most interesting and why. That alone allows me to stretch my reading into new directions. "Story" was one of the all times best books I ever read, especially since he gets into the magic and necessity of the use of subtext and in how the more real the story seems on screen, the less complicated it was made to be on paper.

Hello Valeria,

How do you manage to be so well-informed on everything?

Robert McKee is THE guy when it comes to story. I cannot recommend his book highly enough. In fact, I had the pleasure to attend one of his two-day seminars on the subject of screenwriting and he is without doubt one of the best public speakers in the world.

Even if you are not interested in the workings of stories, I suggest you get a copy of his book--it will change your life.

On a related point, how many companies take into account narrative when they are building their brand? I think it's a neglected art. Everybody loves a good story, why not build one into your brand. Look at Apple--for so long the underdog they are now winning out against the big guys--and people are happy for them!

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