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DA -- every so often it is good to remind ourselves why we create because that is the energy we draw from. There will be more on that in the coming days.

CK – me on TV: you gave me a genuine laugh, thank you. I've already been on TV twice, in Italy during a rock program to talk about brain-injured children and translate a Liza Minnelli infomercial in 1993. This is a good group of thinkers and I'll be proposing a project of substance to you all in the coming months. Inspirational marketing can be done!

Thank you for giving us a path to substance and connection. I've no doubt that you'll be on TV soon (and that Dyer will be watching you).

As to ancestor of action, the thought is the intention. I've always found that shapes the action and what is most important/inspiring to me. I think that's what substance hits on. I loved that you made this discussion wind-down on a HIGH note.

This easily qualifies as one of your "timeless" posts.

" I once read somewhere that a cynic is a passionate person who just stopped trying."

Wow, this really hits me. I'm a pretty optomistic person, but I've noticed that I'm probably not as optomistic as I used to be. These are very powerful words. I better not stop trying!

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