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From my observation, the people who work in Mall stores here tend to be very young a little vested in the success of the store. As opposed to people who consider working at a boutique in Italy a career.

Your story is so good! Isn't it wonderful when we can make that sort of complicit connection with someone? Discovering what they enjoy and treasuring that moment.

does this happen in the states too? i suppose is typical italian: we still have the attitude of the street market. you approach the shelf, you chat, you try, you fall in love with something, you know you have to have it, you see it on you, you feel it, you think about your friends, you fantasize about girlfriends (or boyfriends). you buy it.
i do remember the best love story i have ever had in my life. i was at the prada store in rome with my girlfriend and she was looking around. there was a lady, alone, trying a pair of shoes. i was looking at her and she noticed me. she tried several pair of shoes looking for my visual approval. it lasted 15 minutes but it was perfect.

Richie -- they do have the sign that the window display is being reworked... that has been used to delay posting prices and removing that first barrier to enter the store.

C.B. -- I love it to spend time with knowledgeable store staff. They tell great stories and are wonderful company. We are all going to buy art some point anyway. I prefer a "story" of relationship vs. transaction.

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