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valeria, funny enough i just post a comment about your previous post in which i was making the comparison between speaking and dancing.

Peter -- I often refer to the conversation as a space itself. And the other point I often remind myself of is that it's an exchange.

Greg -- if you're dancing with me, chances are we're both leading. I get very enthusiastic. I liked the idea of dance to express flow and movement.

Joe - I like the idea of the luncheon conversation. It parallels an improv concept, called "yes, and. . ." Just as in improv, as soon as you try to steer the conversation too hard, the rhythm of the scene breaks down.

Valeria, I like to contrast the push-pull reaction you mention with the metaphor of dance. While one partner may lead, both are agreeing on how they will engage each other, allowing each to express their own style and point of view.

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