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This reminds me of the instances when the power goes off. Suddenly you can hear the quality of silence underneath.

Love the computer analogy.

A lovely post. I sometimes start meetings with silence/stillness. You notice the difference.

Another thing that works for me is to listen for silence/stillness in noise.

Having done this for awhile I've noticed ( perhaps delusionally) that the silence is always there.

Which leads me to wonder about the nature of full vacuums.

As an aside Joe's is a lovely insight which ought be repeated a 1000 times. It speaks of the way of life when you don't have one.

The concept of deafening silence is also an interesting one. For me silence/stillness causes you to hear the sound of your own mind. For some its maddening noise. No wonder we are always on.

To use a computer metaphor. I suspect what is happening is that those that can, process and those that can't any more, route.

Thanks for the space.

CK -- we often think that if we're silent we miss an opportunity to show the world how smart we are. As you point out, there is tremendous wisdom, and power in silence.

David -- Yes, I saw that too. But here at Conversation Agent we include everyone who chooses to be part of the conversation so I thought I would extend an invitation.

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