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Conversation to me is a process and a mindset that may deliver outcomes like connection, relational thinking, and service behavior. The ability to create this space is directly proportional to the awareness of self and human dynamics.

In a way, it cannot really be taught. I've been in many a conversation where the other party was just waiting to blurt out what *they* wanted to say. It may be shown from example. If you read the story about NetApp and the company's culture, Tom Mendoza talks about conversation and behavior that lead to tangible results.

Your father is exactly right. People often walk around with solutions. Unless there is a problem, it doesn't matter what solution you have.


I love this line in your response to Mark: "Conversation is a process that begins in the minds -- and hearts -- of the people joining in. No amount of money will help there, the appropriate conditions will."

This morning I wrote a post about my father being a gifted salesman because he didn't rely on a pitch; he started conversations with customers. Your statement above reminds me of a related discussion with friends today: can conversational marketing be taught? It seems that some people get it instinctively because it's in their hearts, not just their minds, and they know how to create the appropriate conditions.

Others can't seem to catch on. They're not able to use conversation to make a real connection with someone, at least not in the context of marketing. I'm not implying that a marketer or sales person has to become friends with all his or her customers, just that they need to treat their customers as real people, not just means to an end.

Interesting conversation going on here ... and just makes me even more eager to devour this e-book when it debuts.


Wait until you read my weekly FC Expert post, there is an example of that from last night.

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