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Hello Herb:

Welcome to the conversation. I worked with brain-injured children for six years and had a cousin who spent her life learning about her own neurological development. That is the basis for my experience and the comments I appended to Taleb's new book. I had not heard of Herd, but will check it out. Thank you for the tip.

Your ideas sound just like the new book Herd by Mark Earls.

Joe -- the answer to "where I find stuff" is it finds me. Nassim sent me an email earlier this year to inquire if I wanted to read his new book. Since my former CEO, who now had a consulting business, used his other book, I accepted the galley copy. I then made the connection for Nassim with my former CEO. It all works out, always.

Kare -- thank you for the tip, I will look it up. Say it better sounds intriguing.

Roger -- it is a very enjoyable reading, especially for someone with a love for the classics and philosophy. Nassim tells me it's already on the #3 nonfiction list in London and the book just came out.

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