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I read his first book, "Fooled By Randomness," and walked away with several ideas (which is all I ask for). Sounds like you benefited from his current effort.

First I heard the author interviewed on NPR, then reading your thoughtful post (twice) I am persuaded to buy the book. Thank you! Consider rading M. Naim's book, Illicit for another take on causality, how the "illicit" organizations have adapted faster than companies or countries to the New Normal world.
- Kare


Where do you find this stuff? I was hoping you were going to read "The Starbucks Experience" next. (incredibly sarcastic and kidding!) Thank you for bringing this to light.

My friends at Amazon are shipping to me today. I should have my copy by week's end.

As someone who revels in storytelling, this book will be an incredible learning opportunity to elevate the reality AND the randomness in everyday life. Awesome.

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