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The best way to experience the place is by being a tourist when you live and work there and being a citizen (or acting as one) when you are visiting. In both cases, you get to see and do things that you wouldn't normally think available to you. I know you were traveling recently. Hope that went well.

I feel the same way about cycling through cities. When I travel, I love to take my bike. Last year I took the bike with me to Australia and got to see parts of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane that I never would have seen otherwise. Montreal was the same way- I got lost for a couple hours in the city but saw great neighborhoods and met great people.

I wouldn't have it any other way- maybe this summer it'll be Germany and Switzerland. (I am hoping.)


Good for you. I do that too when on the road. A couple of years ago I was in London for one full week, staying in Mayfair. So I had the good fortune of being able to run in Green Park. What a great way to visit with the city, running alongside Londoners exercising and a few enjoying the morning on a bench with breakfast.

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