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Tim -- thank you for the compliment on mom. Yes, she is still quite beautiful. Alas I look more like dad. That will be a post for father's day. Patience and appreciation for what we have; those are important lessons.

Mike -- hunger and need to define oneself. Not by the standards given in a job, or a title, which still matter to a certain degree. In the overall context of our lives.

Wonderful reflection and tribute to your mother.

I dashed off a post that answers your question.

What strikes me is the quest for identity I sense in people all around me. There is a hunger. And then, along side this raging desire, I recognize like you, that I have been blessed with "the good beginning" that a mother like yours provides her children.

Thankful for what you so beautifully shared here.

Keep creating,

Great post Valeria. Your mother was so beautiful and I am sure that she still is... it seems to be an Italian woman trait.

One of the greatest things my mom taught me was to be patient. If you want it bad enough, it's worth being patient and working to make it happen. Earn what you have so you can appreciate it that much more. Kind of the same thing- both require patience.

Here's to the Mom's of the world!

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