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I agree with you, nice questions


Tully -- and your blog would definitely qualify... some of your posts are so rich with implications and life that one needs to read twice to form an impression for themselves.

Wendy -- I love the energy of your blogs. Vitality and willingness to share and do are clearly everywhere. And you have not been afraid to tackle sticky issues like diversity.

Thanks Valeria - I'm honored to get drawn into the conversation and to be a part of your 'thoughts' (oh, bad pun)!

Since I'm so late to the party, I see that all of the good answers are already taken - but I'll have to say that I think good thinking bloggers are the ones that make us think for ourselves rather than telling us a good way to think. You know, that whole 'art of a great question' thing. :)

You seem to have that art pretty well down pat, imho.

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