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Gianandrea -- I find that hard data is the basis of all the conversations I have in the business world... yet the finer points, the sensibility, are the ingredients of engagement and connection. Which brings me to Joe's point.

Joe -- interestingly the data is also what we choose to capture. Not all the data we track can help us 'see' so we can feel, so we can act. Sometimes we measure for the sake of proving that something is not working, because we don't believe in it.


The science of business is data. Data isn't good or bad, right or wrong: it just 'is'. As in, "it is what it is." The art in business is how we use, interpret, understand, apply the data. Data comes alive via engagement, emotion, etc.

Gianandrea makes a wonderful point in comparing contemporary art.

Art exists on emotion - and what emotions the art draws from us. If our reaction to the painting, the sculpture, the poem, the analyses, the Powerpoint, the strategy - is ambilalence, then the "artist" missed the point.

Good art evokes an emotion. Great art engages the artist's audience with the intended emotion.

valeria, i'va always been convinced that science only cannot run a business in the evolving world. as you state in your post, you cannot build engagement and conversation without emotion and sensibility.
and you a absolutely right when say: We should not try to read too much into it, I learned. It is easier to listen, to feel, and to understand.
this is true for all the modern and contemporary art: poetry, music, painting, sculpture.

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