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Hi Valerie,

Great to hear you've found the report useful and yes, that figure is something of a reality check.

As also highlighted in the report, a lot of people seem to jump at the idea of social media without a decent grasp of each tool or what they want to use it for. As such many fall into the checklisting mindset "we want a blog, a podcast, an RFFSSS feed or whatever the hell it's called!" but they don't know why. Of course, tearing off in this direction will likely end in tears, and disappointing "results".

Some of the other surprising results from the research included the levels of personal use of social media tools. A lot more people than you might think are reading or using blogs, rss etc. More and more I'm convinced that none of it's a fad that will go away, but an evolution that's going to take some time to bed in. Companies that embrace it now will inevitably be ahead of the pack, but still a long way behind the early adopters.


P.S. Several of my Melcrum colleagues are at the IABC event this week. Mandy and Annie are blogging about it over on the Melcrum blog.

All the best,

Alex Manchester
(Melcrum social media report author)


As I'm learning this week at the IABC international conference, there is still a lot of room for marketers and communicators themselves to learn about utilizing social media for the benefit of an open conversation.

Helpful post, Valeria. Thanks.

I've had a couple of clients start asking about use of social media -- mostly about putting things on YouTube. But it's been more of a knee-jerk reaction from hearing so much about YouTube and "millions of hits" that gets their attention. When I start asking them questions about how they plan to utilize it, they're stumped or else clueless as to what people will watch and what will never get clicked or passed along virally.

One client has asked about a blog, but they seem to view it totally as a sales catalogue, which I'm trying to explain to them is not what a blog can/should be.

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