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Lewis -- it starts with who you are (people) and where you are (place/context) and then radiates outside. I like the distinction you make of image vs. brand.

Mark -- "We should all fine-tune our filters to resist both 'instant credibility' and those who seek to damage others' reputations." You are saying something very important here. Who among my readers has felt lulled into a sense of intimacy to them be disappointed? Credibility, like reputation, take time to build.

Tony -- Your posts were outstanding and we have been talking about reputation here at the conference. I think it's worth exploring what reputation means for brands, where the perception is, who owns the values and benefits, etc. Reputation can be measured in impressions and, yes, with feedback.

Andrea -- and maybe we are also responsible to uphold our personal reputations to ourselves and our colleagues by being consistent in communicating with them.

Great post Valeria. I agree that reputations are earned through consistently exceeding your client's expectations.

Hi Valeria,

Thanks for the kind tip of the hat, here.

Sadly, while we may have all been taught about what happens on the inside, managing what people think of you is what reputation is all about -- and branding is a close cousin to what that's all about as well.

As for measuring reputation, that's a very tricky thing -- but I think that it has to be done. You just can't know without asking ... a pretty self-explanatory statement, but I think its true.


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