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Tully -- I don't see myself spending too much time on FB just now. I would rather have more face time with the bloggers and people I have met in the last several months. And yes, I do have an issue with too much information.

Carolyn -- maybe this could be the subject of a post on productivity at your blog: how to use social networking sites right/productively. What do you say? Maybe a series?

Everything can be overdone, yes. Maybe because I've just now started to really jump into the various social media, I'm looking at things from a different perspective. But, in my mind, we're in control and social media is, as Lewis said, a tool. They might not be bringing in clients directly, but I really think, if used wisely, they can be great facilitators.

As for the future of blogging, let's hope it's long and healthy. It might be the ultimate in social media.

(If I went off on a tangent here, can we call it a 'stream of consciousness'?) :)

I like the distinction of being 'too much information'... Wasn't everyone supposed to be on MySpace at one point? Now everyone is supposed to be on FB? The reality is that not everyone is on either FB or LI (or even MS for that matter), to to be preparing the funeral for LI is a bit premature..

I think both applications are successfully doing their jobs in each area of our lives: personal and professional.

Think of it this way, what would happen in LI became more like FB and began including information from your social life?

I like the fact that if you want to talk about getting together this weekend with a bunch of friends, we can do it on FB. Alternatively, if we need to connect or share trade information on a business opportunity, I'm quite glad there is a place to do that.

For me, I have my FB profile, my LI profile, and my website. Those are current, and everything else is periphery and will be updated when I get to it.

Awesome post Valeria! (as usual!)

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