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Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment. Sometimes I smile when people inside organizations ask me about blogging. I think until you have direct experience it will be pretty hard to describe how this space allows so much more freedom -- and responsibility/accountability at the same time.

You have now been blogging for a little while. Has your view changed since you started several weeks ago?

BTW -- I think I might use one of your recent posts as a launching platform for my weekly Fast Company post.

To my readers: Karen is a fantastic writer. Her blog is filled with useful information. Go visit.


Thanks for the info about MarketingProfs. Ann seems to be a smart and innovative editor who really understands the benefits of new media technology.
What intrigues me is that she is looking for contributors with a "generous spirit" who are willing to share information. That, to me, represents the true power of the internet. The ability to hold conversations and share stories for the benefit of all.

Toby -- it's inspiring to talk with the people who are helping pave the way to the future of media consumption and participation. I suspect that they will all something very different that they bring to the table.

Cam -- and real growth is organic. I would be curious to explore where the money is in the equation. For something to be sustainable, it needs to be able to feed itself, so to speak.

Lewis -- now you intrigue me. I've seen your DailyFix posts picked up consistently by TPWire so the space agrees with you. And you are a good draw to audiences. So are many of you who have contributed comments here, actually.

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