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Daksh -- you are right on target. And that's why it is important to pay attention to what we say and how we come across. My point of strength is in building relationships and influence. Which is what Rebecca shares with us.

Rebecca -- lobbyists are masters at conversations with outcome wrapped into them. They are able to read people quickly (they are also usually well prepared) and distill their message so it speaks to the other's agenda. I know that is a charged word... yet everyone ends up having one, even in the most positive ways. Have you experienced what you've learned in first person? In other words, did someone influence you successfully? And at the other side, have you tried using the advice?

Office and workplace politics is an interesting creature. I've actually learned a lot about building relationships and influence by hanging out with real politicians and lobbyists. Often, the advice is to frame the situation so that it seems beneficial to the other party and get them to buy into that by liking you and the strenghts of the situation. Get them in a spot where they would be doing more harm than good by disagreeing with you.

I think that's great advice, but I also try hard to listen to what others are saying to learn from their opinions. This is a fabulous post, my mind is turning its gears!

Probably my first comment, at this great blog, the post is superb.

It's actually much easy to write in words that egos should be put aside. Technology/tools have always been enablers people form the crux.

Handling politics, handling egos is more of a challenge because there're some who're resistive to change :)

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