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Lewis -- thank you for submitting and example of #1 = talking too much.

Cam -- yes, Fast Company is aware of the glitches and is working on the platform. It it isn't too much trouble, could you submit your entry here as well? Just in case.

I tried leaving a comment on the other blog, but it has not appeared. I don't know if that's a problem with the platform, but it has happened to me before with your articles there.

Last year I bid on a project where we had an excellent chance to get the work. In fact, we were invited to bid on the project, always a good sign. I talked too much, primarily because I had a relatioship with both interviewers outside of business.

I forgot the rules: In the business environment, be a business person, not a friend giving advice. We didn't get the work and were told it was because we made too many assumptions.

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