Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - B-to-B More Likely to Spend on New Media than B-to-C


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No takers yet? Those are excellent questions and I do wonder if any of these readers would like to attempt a dialogue around them.

My take is that each of your questions is in part true. And the B2B model is more robust. Let me explain. I was talking with an entrepreneur not long ago who helps very early stage start ups. He told me that when he went out on his own from sales inside an organization, he knew to stay focused on B2B companies as the deals are much bigger than B2C.

Valeria - here are the questions I came up with after musing on why b2b spend more...see what you think.
* Is it because technology companies have driven the growth?
* Is it because many B2C companies have more invested in their websites therefore less eager to change?
* Is it because many smaller companies fall into B2C and therefore do more for themselves rather than spending money in this area?
* Is it because businesses have internet connection whereas many consumers do not have broadband or even internet connection?

Of course it might just be a timing issue!

Anna -- that is a consideration. If b-to-c companies are using these tools for free... they they might not be tracked in the study. Do let me know if you come up with insights.

Patrick -- I just came across an interesting article at The International Herald Tribune that cites fear of lack of productivity by employees as well as lack of brand control as reasons to pull ads from social media sites. See link here
As for the value of having the conversation... it's a tougher sell than you think ;-)

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