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Stephen -- hopefully you received my message about checking out the BrandingWire site where we aggregate all these posts every month. Are you speaking about the auto industry change from knowledge? Or maybe you have ideas to suggest here?

Kevin -- wish I could take the credit for the beehive idea; it was iconocultures's. One way to have personal experiences at dealerships is for service to be customer oriented. My sales rep asked me what is important to me to feel I have had a successful transaction. Little details like that make a big difference is perception.

Valeria - The brand beehive idea is a powerful one as many dealers have multiple locations and they could easily present a lifestyle focus at each location without completely alienating the other customers. But you're right about not being all things to all customers. The one size fits all mentality of dealerships has created a huge image problem for them.

I came across this set of articles while on another mission, and I must say that this is a terrific idea. The bad news is that I have to collate all of these posts into one place and pre-digest for my bosses. This all needs to get set up on a forum!

The auto industry is on the brink of a seismic change - for good or ill.

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