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Trisha -- that would be an interesting conversation -- talking about what we think we will rely on in the future. I remember being in awe of the touch screen for maps on "Minority Report" and then reading about some work by Jeff Han on Fast Company 112 with touch screens.

Henrik -- thank you for stopping in. You bring up again another good point. With the speed of newer technology and instant gratification we experience as consumers, we have less tolerance (and maybe have also built less resilience) for interruptions and disruptions that *we* feel could have been avoided.

As far as I remember, nothing like this ever happened with Skype, which is a little wonder - and the blackout lasted only several hours. No big deal. :) We still had our phones, emails, other IM programs,...

Oh I had a good laugh at that! The dreaded fading thermal paper - I remember it well!

But you are right Valeria - it was not that long ago. Barely twenty years or so. It's astonishing how much the internet has matured in the last decade since the first graphical browsers hit the scene, and how developers have offered us all the wonderful technology we have now, like Skype.

I wish I were creative enough to envision what incredible tools and technology the next decade will bring - and what in the future will we be as reliant upon as that which we have now?

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