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Geoff -- "The Power Women's lists don't detract from their rankings in the general population, they just celebrate successful women." The point of my original post, before it got high jacked, was to celebrate (and get to know) other women who blog and are not in marketing.

Roger -- I draw a line. This is my blog, my house, glass or otherwise. I have deleted a sentence in your comment that I found gratuitous and offensive. This discussion is now closed right here, right now. There is an "M-List" and it was started by a woman, Rebecca Thorman. If you had not been all so busy getting on soap boxes, you would have seen past your arguments to it. But that would have meant actually visiting even some of the blogs I listed.

Geoff, I don't recall being asked my gender when I set-up my blog, in Technorati, or in most any of the other ranking sites. The only place where you could say that a glass ceiling exists here would be with those who create the rankings. Are you saying that the Power 150 is compiled by sexists? That the folks at Technorati rig the results? Is there a limit on the number of blogs women can create?

I think Valeria and the other women are now seeing that there are hundreds of blogs by women. Some are even written just for women. The issue is whether the reason for inclusion in a list should be just based on gender.

It is my understanding that fewer women participate in the Internet as a whole. If having lists such as this helps to increase their participation - then it is a good thing. If it helps to "shine light" on the fact that more women need to get involved - it is a good thing. If everyone on the list posts the list they will each get a few hundred Technorati points and maybe some SEO favor from Google (or the number of reciprocal links will flag the whole thing as a webring) - that would not be good for them as a group.

I think cross promotion is a great thing. I think Valeria, and anyone, has the right to list any blogs she wants to list. I just think that it creates a glass house not a glass ceiling.

The list for the Age of Conversation was usually not much more than names and links. No one seemed to mind that. The Z-list was friends promoting friends and no one seemed to mind.

My question was more about how poorly a converse list would be received than if this was an inappropriate thing to do.


Maybe if their were more women bloggers this would be a valid argument. If glass ceiling situations are ever going to end we need to highlight and celebrate successful women.

The Power Women's lists don't detract from their rankings in the general population, they just celebrate successful women. As such, my hat's off to these great women.


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