Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Which is Better: Targeted to You or Made by You?


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Nice site.. Wishing you a Happy Sunday! Keep the articles coming!

Vera -- the data control is one issue everyone is watching. When cashiers ask me for my zip code or phone number I usually push back. No, I'm not going to give it to you (they have it anyway with the credit card info) because you will give me no value in return *and* I have no idea of how secure your data is. Are you in compliance? Visa just put in place a merchant compliance system that would go a better way to ensure our data is safer.

Mark -- definitions, yes. I meant created for you rather than by you. Combinations are a good idea, like pull and push. Smart combination like with me and by me are even better ;-) Thank you for stopping by.

"Which is better: targeted to you or made by you?"

Depends what "targeted to you" means, because it can be interpreted differently.

It could mean, "targeted at you", which is no way to talk to someone.

"Targeted with you in mind" – better, because it recognizes my needs, wants, etc.

Are these two interpretations the difference between what a traditional agency tries to do vs. what an agency like Digitas is trying to do? In my opinion, "with you in mind" is more relevant every time.

"Made by you"? A different strategy altogether – or dumb luck, depending on the circumstances. And that's where I agree with you and Cam – a combination of "with you in mind" and "made by you" is probably where you'd like to be as a brand.

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