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What I liked about the competition is that it is "both/and" in its intent and reflects the age we're in. We live with ambiguity and incomplete information all the time, yet we're required to make decisions faster than before.

I think Gavin at Servant of Chaos should apply. This has his name written all over it ;-) Are you reading this Gavin?

You two sound like a great team, which gives you the perfect foundation to build a business -- diversity in skills and focus.

I think one has to enter to win ;-)

What an incredible competition - I hope you are in on it Valeria!

I agree with you that conversations are great for stimulating and refining ideas, but at the end of the day someone still has to take on the responsibility of implementation.

I'm very fortunate that I made a great choice in my husband/boss (yes we work together and still get along!). He's a visionary who has no trouble seeing the goal, but not always the path. However, his philosophy is to surround himself with the smartest, most creative team he can put together, inspire them (he's quite good at that), then let them do their thing, and the path will materialize.

So from that I'd have to say the most powerful idea we've brought to life is the idea that if you give others a magic recipe consisting of trust, inspiration, belief, leeway, and a certain amount of authority/autonomy, great things will happen.

Using this idea and formula we are on our way to building our second successful company together.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you win the competition!

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