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Mark -- Thank you for the clarification. I saw your comment earlier in my in box and then it didn't show up here until now.

Daniel -- every month I do a state of my RSS reader and figure out who is coming in and who needs to be trimmed back. And I am surprised sometimes to notice how far my reading has taken me globally. I love it when I meet a German who lives in Spain and speaks flawless English, or a Brit who also lives in Spain, etc. And I've never been to Spain myself ;-) We are our projects.

Valeria, I believe that one of the reasons why blogs provide an opportunity to develop this thought leadership lies in the expanse of the blogosphere itself. It may very well be infinite, providing limitless inspiration and education to millions.

Innovators will not wait for the mainstream corporate environment to adopt blogging, they will be developing their ideas and collaborating with other like-minded individuals at a speed previously unheard of, regardless of geographical constaints. This developing medium is just beginning to show it's potential!

I forgot to mention that is the almost anarchical nature of the blogosphere that makes it so compelling... at least for me. I'm tired of the information oligarchy deciding what's of value to me. We live in a "pull" world... and most of the "pushers" are several beats behind the drum that we're marching to.

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