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Thank you for your kind words, Carolyn Ann. When you can rely on someone being there for you time and time again you end up saving a lot of time in effort and follow up. Often vendors try to grab a bigger slice of your business *before* they deliver on what you already gave them.

As in all relationships, it is good to remember that gestures can be gifts when they show respect. Being prompt and not taking your business for granted is one such gift.

You're an amazing person, Valeria!

Congratulations on a year of blogging, and: dammit! I forgot my niece's birthday. As usual. :-(

I used to a lot of business with a company known as "BoxHill", in the West Village. They came through for me time and again, and in the end I awarded them a huge contract for data storage. Their "being there" when I needed them was the basis of a wonderful relationship: one that transcended the corporate parents idea of "lowest bid" for a project.

Actually, it got to the point where I simply ignored the corporate purchasing people; they didn't understand the value of the relationship I had with BoxHill and its people.

And I especially liked the Tiffany pen they gave me; even the replacement after the original one was stolen.

Sorry, your post provoked a few memories. :-)

Carolyn Ann

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