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Robyn --
Exactly. We have the tools to research deeper, the circumstance determines what and how we choose to read.

Gianluca -- I should have thought of you being there with your company based in the Netherlands. Giussani's point of view agrees with mine most of the time; and I'm familiar with his writing in print as well. It may be a product of thinking and operating in more than one language.

Hi Valeria, I've been there and I can confirm what Giussani reported (who couldn't).
It has been a full immersion into experiences and ideas and inspirations.
Of course debates derives from different point of views, but what is important is having an event like that to share ideas and toughts
... by the way Europe Alliance of Creative Conferences is coming.

For the poll, I think I like the 3D online immersion the best. With Second Life being so popular and all those new animation movies coming out, I think it is one area that is being developed faster than the others.

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