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Thank you for the link, Valeria. :)

As I mused in our conversation, I'm not sure that there really has been such a thing as privacy online.

Your prediction for a popular future service is sad but probably true. Perhaps someone will eventually come up with a 'poison pill' for online identity, but I'm thinking that the extent and depth to which things get cached and buried already might make that impossible. There might be a better future service business in 'archeology'. :)

Hello Terri:

Thank you for stopping in. What I like about online conversation is that you can tell what rings true and felt from what is clearly paid for...

I always thought it has to be too much work to trade trust for cash. You always have to look for new suckers and in the meantime people like yourself report it and let us know about it. So they sink fast. I love that quote - the price of strength is often just transparency. I've noticed this quite a bit. And having the humility to embrace the idea, knowing that you really have nothing to lose. It's the opposite of what you might think! I find it quite joyous :)

It is soooooo refreshing to read your blogs, common sense rules! I mean, it just makes life a whole lot simpler...

Take care,

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