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@Geoff -- your comment must have come in as I was responding to the others. I think there's something with telling a story, a compelling story that will engage.

@Rich -- honored that you would come back to it point by point. #2 intrigues me and for all the good reasons -- we're people/human after all. If you follow the Twitter stream, much of it is still look at what I just did ;-) There's a whole conversation we should have one of these days on rushing strategy to meet deadlines. And to your #10, we need to have both. Great food for thought, thank you!

More specifically...

1. Yes.
2. I'm not convinced most social media practitioners can handle the truth either. Also, the identity, message, and practice are all equally important.
3. Yes, and there are ongoing mixed messages of what results to measure.
4. Yes, assuming the people putting together the surveys understand them. Most of them do not and sometimes they make crazy assumptions over what the numbers mean.
5. Possibly, but good strategy places purpose ahead of practice.
6. Sure, and any business that hopes to survive will do this anyway.
7. Yes, but often social media practitioners are so busy trying to prove social media that they forget to listen.
8. I agree. However, part of that responsibility belongs to the client. The boss is also responsible for empowering the person you report too. And the person you report too would be wise not to use the the agency as a scapegoat.
9. Equal, but not more important than. The good execution of a bad strategy will still lead to disaster.
10. Yes, but I'm not convinced that all social media experts really understand or value business objectives or strategic communication.

Also, I think "message control" is not used by too many agencies. I think message management, on the other hand, is critical to success. They are very different terms.


@Rich -- yes, caution is in order in making any sweeping statements of any kind. Thank you!

@Bruce -- I think I wrote the post around the picture ;-)

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