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@Connie -- you are so on top of all of this, I am constantly impressed! If you look up Phil in the comment before yours, he's an experienced mobile marketer from Canada. You'll find more useful tips at his blog. It's amazing and humbling how these conversations can go.

@Robert -- Jim is very persuasive, I was under his spell at the event. Soft spoken and well rounded. I know you're glad to be part of his community ;-) Thank you for reminding me of his invitation.

I know this is off-topic, but you really need to Twitter. Try it, you'll like it!

P.S. Posting this from my mobile.

P.P.S. @newmediajim made me do it! :)

Valeria, I just got a "tweet" from Jim Long saying he was encouraging you to get on Twitter ... so of course I had to come over here right away and ask you to join the conversation. :)

Excellent post -- bookmarked it for future reference. It's something we need to give thought to as we rely more and more on mobile technology.

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