Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Is "Conversation" Overused?


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I lied - a final thought ( what was I thinking).

For me, conversation is the practice of negotiating meaning with others and my self.

Perhaps conversation in business is not so much overused but a poor choice of word.

@Deb -- thank you!

@Peter -- gradual like the three cups of tea concept: from guest, to acquaintance, to friend, and beyond. I LOVE your image (as always) of slowing oneself down long enough to observe what happens. Thank you so much for stopping by, it is a treat indeed to read some of your thinking. And often a wake up call as well.

The press ganging of human evolutionary potential into the service of the corporation exhausts much of that potential.

Conversations become hollowed out and utilatarian - a poor copy of exchanges in the service of individual and collective humanity.

And when the utility of conversation is spent - or we have become impatient with it ( the notion that converstaion is over used ?) it will fall out of fashion.

But converstaion will continue. We will talk together until I no longer hear my own voice in your words. Perhaps that what you mean by coming together.

By the way,

"The meaning of communication is the response it elicits, not your intent. You are the message."

I'd wager this is half right. Your intent communicates something that last much longer than the message. I suspect the first converstaion is a function of the message - the fifth is a function your intent.

Like, Carolyn Ann I'd like to thank you for developing the thought a little further.

A final thought, perhaps the way we interact with blogs helps us to understand what happens in a conversation. It just slows everything down for long enough to watch yourself.

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