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The flowers up there are for you! If I'm not mistaken you were a star at the Marketing Profs B2B conference in Chicago. For those of you who'd like to catch up on that action, stay on the Daily Fix blog -- Matt Dickman and others did a great job of capturing those conversations.

"If I had to summarize it all in one call to action I would say: join the conversation that is right for you."

I agree and wish I had been at the event (loved the video).

Also glad to see Vaspers up there. He, like you, is one of my faves and has taught me so very, very much.

Lucky girl am I to be in the convo because of smart, generous pros like yourself. Enjoy the weekend!

Geoff -- you were an impeccable host and terrific enabler for everyone yesterday. We loved your talk about community!

Vaspers -- you gave me the biggest chuckle I had today. What fine expressions you used, thank you. Right now I'm technology challenged with all my scattered tools giving up on me from old age ;-) I am planning a complete remake at the Mac store and possibly a BlackBerry, etc. I shall definitely consider Twitter on the strength of your fine endorsement of the tool.

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