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I was thrilled Valeria when Twitter was all a-flutter with "Valeria Maltoni is a kick ass presenter" and "Valeria Maltoni rocks!" all over the place.

I would say you were "Twitter rock star" but I don't like rock stars, being brought up on punk and anti-art of the Dada / Surrealist school.

And you don't even have a Twitter presence! Yet there you were, being raved about, universal praise and astonishment.

I, for hideously self-promotional and self-glorifying reasons, had to pipe up and chortle about how I knew you and liked you and hoped you still liked me.

I remembered our interactions on CK's blog and Liz Strauss and other odd web venues, and how we shared marketing and book editing interests.

Ah, how that little gal has grown up and matured to such a prominent and beloved position in the super-blogosphere!

We had a great time! This was an excellent conference, and I so appreciate the great job you did as keynote. Cheers!

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