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The publication is a pretty cool resource and, as you say, alternative suggestions are quite intriguing to read. I had fun writing up the post, my favorite kind of blogging!

Awesome! I had started reading LH back in June 06 and found it addicting to catch up on, but had wanted to comment too at the time...which for us left out in the cold had to wait for (and finally received after submitting an email request).

I agree that it was with the commentators, that the collective intelligence of the community came through, as alternative suggestions or gentle refutations to authors' and other commentators' claims.

For me, it became too much to read after a certain point after I learned about the myriad of ways to modify iTunes, manage digital photos, or do other online/offline nifty stuff. But I will say that LH made me much more media/online savvy than before. And now I have a special place for LH on my iGoogle homepage.

Thanks for the interview!

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