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If I had a dog, yellow lab would be my favorite. I know of another vet who is very good to the animals and nice to their families. It really costs little to make the effort -- a small thing, as you say, can go a long way. It shows you've given it some thought.

Hi Valeria,

Another service example: taking my dog, a big yellow labrador retriever, to the vet. Each time I pick her up after her annual physical, the vet has a bandana around her neck and calls me at home the next day to see how Wendy is doing.

It is something small, consistent, and touching that works. There are a lot of dog doctors out there to choose from!


Thank you for your kind words. To me the person is important and comes first. As you articulated in your example, that's what the service rep did with you.

I am always impressed when a utility company goes the extra step. Especially given the obligatory nature of the service they provide.

I was talking with my mother yesterday and she had the opposite example: a phone and internet connection provider in Italy that hiked the initial price in her contract and now is not taking her calls while providing sketchy connection. I tend to take this kind of abuse to a person on a fixed income very seriously. It takes so little to do what you promise.

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