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I was moved after listening to her in that address. She was a bit more formal in her talk the other evening. Clearly, she feels it's time to talk legacy. And she mentioned how some of the documentaries she is working on are giving her the opportunity to talk about good things that are happening, because those are never considered news.

A man of deliberate language, I like the expressions you use. Yes, staying true to self and "awake" takes effort. We have plenty of opportunities to go on auto pilot, at least twice a day. We shall have more of these conversations here, I'm sure of it. I've been known to quote poets and from the classics.

I will definitely take the time to use this in my English classroom. I may even use the audio to let my Senior Composition class listen to Amanpour herself.

"Silence is acceptance" rings true to my life as well. I think we (humanity, not just bloggers) have the unique talent for drowning out anything that is not immediate. It takes purposeful, intentional re-awakening of ourselves to stay passionate.

I like how Tim says, "passionate for something." His comment reminded me of a writer I really like, Erwin Raphael McManus says, "We must resolve not only to leave the path of doing evil, but also to passionately pursue a life of doing good. The danger is getting stuck in between the two, living your life in the neutral zone."

Her passion for the profession and for reporting news and facts shines through. More than once she used the term "robust" -- substantial, important, even necessary, that's how I've interpreted her use of it.

Passion and objectivity are a balance to strive for -- they are both worth it.

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