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@Robyn -- how do you make sure that motivation is part of the equation? Sure, you hire people who are self-directed and motivated. How do you keep your policies and processes from taking the motivation out of them?

@Cathy -- thank you for visiting. I hope there will be reason to share your thoughts with us in the future.

@Joe -- that was an incredibly good comments on so many levels (hint: if you're reading this, you should jump over to FC and read that). A conversation is never over, it is continuous and evolved over time. Think of relationships the way Europeans do -- they are (almost) for life. Good of you to mention the fulfillment of promise. We do forget that clients or customers are not a nuisance, they are actually those who pay our bills!

Hi Valeria,

I posted my extended thoughts on the FC Experts piece.

How best to stay flexible? I learned at term during my tenure at General Electric: the flexible factory.

Essentially, this was the concept of continuous conversation with clients via face-to-face sales staff and client advisory boards in most businesses (flexible) and maniacal focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of transactional processes (factory). When both sides of this promise are fulfilled, everybody benefits.

Ciao, Joe

Great communications message for us all.

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