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I agree that measurement is crucial for the development of all of these social media tools. Our (MotiveQuest) own approach to social media measurement is called the Online Promoter Score - a measure of people's willingness to advocate for or recommend your brand/product in online conversations (forums, blogs, newsgroups).

More here:

Tom O'Brien

@Greg -- I look forward to reading your take, and to meeting in NYC in the not too distant future.

@David -- likewise, I am very interested in your approach.

@Roger -- well, I must say I have not really seen any appreciable traffic increase from PR6 yet. It may be too soon to say. The ROI exercise here was more to demonstrate the value of blogging and social media to organizations. If I'm here every night after a 10-hour work day, I clearly see value in being here ;-)

Interesting takes all around.

As I've said on another forum, all those metrics are fine but for me personally the most important number is my Google Page Rank (which for me is a 6). I found that when my GPR went from a 5 to 6 last February, my number of visitors went up significantly.

I tend to pay less attention to Technorati. One's T'rati score can easily go up a 100 (or more points) simply if your on a list that's going around the web. That reminds me of high school popularity contests.

Since I celebrated my one-year anniversary last September, I've tried to think a lot less about the metrics. This has helped make blogging more fun. After all, it's all so ephemeral!

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