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In very practical terms, I think we as humans are constantly trying to make sense of the world we live in. Part of that is how we make commerce -- both of ideas to sustain our spirit and mind, and tools/things to sustain our bellies so to speak.

Your observation reminds me of a philosophy discussion I had on Giambattista Vico and the cycles in history. As well, we go back to tried methods after the new shiny toys don't work or are too much work ;-)

Maybe I am missing something, but it sounds to me that we'll be reaching back to the tried and true method of networking, building relationships, etc., but in a manner where we manipulate the tools more effectively versus allowing the tools to manipulate us. By that I mean, right now I think many of us who are new to Web 2.0 are trying to catch up and thus jump on bandwagons. Of course, some people who have been around Web 2.0 for much longer also seem to jump on and off bandwagons.

@Jarrod -- I'm still not sure why greater choice we can manage with better tools is a problem. Funny how nobody has come in and talked about how that would be good v. control by entities. Choice is good in my book.

@Carolyn Ann -- underground was never a good place for me. I think it's the molds I have allergies. Today we praise and encourage the efforts of small businesses that use the tools at hand to grow. As I said in my post maybe I am oversimplifying and I'm sure that without the requisite funds this is far and away. Nonetheless, what we have today is not sustainable. I find myself tuning out more frequently and I am a curios learner! I think the term "control" freaks people out. All it means is more deliberate choice.

@Mario -- no question about it, people have an even greater role. And yes, design is very important in all this. I gave up on TV a long time ago. Now I watch videos on my computer ;-) It's good to have the conversation and think of possibilities.

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