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On innovation, primarily my current readings of "The Innovator's Dilemma", and Drucker's "Innovation and Entrepreneurship".

On branding, primarily observation of large corp. acquisitions of smaller companies -> injected capital -> brand pollination across extended corporate network properties -> growth of adoption and utilization. In general, any way positive name recognition can be spread (commercial [traditional marketing, partners, parents] and organic [fans]).

On usability, a combination of observation of remarkable and fluid web applications like Flickr and Basecamp, my studies on NPD, a concurring opinion on John Maeda's laws of simplicity: (summary), some Wabi Sabi - Zen Principles of Aesthetics: , and the book "Don't Make me Think!" by Steve Krug.

@Susan -- yes, the terminology can make a difference, a tremendous one at times. Web 3.0 is a code name, like we put on products as they are undergoing testing, before we brand them. What happens is that when enough people use it there is a certain stickyness to it. In many respects, we need to do a better job at translating the information in terms that are easy to relate to within the context of business. I'm all for that. Yet, if I called this post in any other way, people might have disagreed on what I was talking about. So far, these advances in semantic web, etc. are captured under the Web 3.0 umbrella.

@John -- precisely. Enough people feel the pain, enough people want control over their data and will migrate to those companies that offer it, and there you start moving the needle.

You know, I think there is a lot more life in Web 2.0. I don't think we have begun to scratch the surface of its potential to change and shape our world. The Digital Enfranchising of larger proportions of our population will drive greater adoption of Web 2.0 and will open the Internet to an influx of non-English speaking participants.

And I have a feeling that the growth and energy for sometime like Web 3.0 may well come from cultures unlike our own (ie Asia/Middle East). The innovation that arises from this is likely to be discontinuous and hard to predict. But makes it exciting.

Thanks for provoking the conversation!

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