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Your essay was a great departure for this conversation and your observation about articulating what we experience is right on target.

Part of the answer may be creating new language as the existing is charged with history. We're observers and creators so the challenge is felt on multiple fronts.


Your criticism is apt. Understanding New Media requires a conceptual leap. Like the Theory of Relativity or that of Quantum Physics, the dynamics of New Media are not that hard to understand once you conceptually see how it coalesces. But the problem is to get yourself to that perspective and, once you are there, trying to explain what you see.

Some people use the New Media's facet of social networking as a prism through which to understand and explain it. Others use a facet that is changing marketing. I've been trying to see it through a facet that is changing communications and the media industries (which is of course why my essay appeared in Corante's Rebuiling Media). All these views of the same thing are valid. We're all struggling to find a better ways of explaining the whole that we see.

I need to rewrite my essay.

@Seni -- maybe another way of looking at it is self-service. We pick the threads in the information highway that most resonate with our focus at the moment. Yes, it's personal and it's relevant and we choose which one it is. Thank you for fleshing it out.

@Deb -- I couldn't have said it any better. Unless you do it (hence the strategic importance of internal blogs and social media) you don't really know how much this changes the way we do business and how we are in conducting business.

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