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My grandmother used to say "hell is paved with good intentions" ;-) I think the nature of critical thinking is posing the question, as I wrote some other time -- interrogating reality. Thank you for joining the conversation, John.

I'm inherently suspicious of conspiracy theories, but... it's worth considering what can happen when the detailed data about you that exists in a social network (not necessarily Facebook) meets a subpoena from a government agency.

People can gather data with the best of intentions only to find it misused.

Well, good thing I don't publish new news, then ;-) Things are probably a lot simpler than any conspiracy theory would have anyone imagine.

Usually it's motive, means, and opportunity. Or maybe I read too much fiction. What I found interesting was that all of the information aggregated in one place builds a pretty substantial impression. And not a warm and fuzzy one at that.

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