Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Facebook Beacon: Brands Guilty by Association?


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@ck Happy to make you laugh. I hesitated before I sent it, but it did get some laughs. And Toad is right...what would happen if we opened our account and got "CK bought four couch pillows" "Valeria bought a spatula" "Toad bought golf balls" This is targeted marketing?

@Valeria As I just mentioned to CK, the system they had isn't targeted to us, the reader. So no user benefits. Extremely poorly planned. And no grocery shoppinng? You must eat out a lot. I like to cook...which gives me an idea for yet another post about Beacon.

@Jonathan -- I see that you have written extensively on Beacon. My personal take is that this was a half cooked idea that got implemented because with the technology we have now, we can. However, not enough work and thought was put into figuring out how it would work so everyone would benefit. Bad news for Beacon, I don't do any grocery shopping ;-)

@CK -- I think it's more than alright to require an explanation of the Facebook situation. And yes, when it comes to relationships with friends -- the social part of life -- it is expected that people would inject more passion into it. We have enough sterile work environments where everyone is busy producing ROI *all the time*. To me connections and involvement are perfect examples of results.

@Jonathan: you see things I don't see (I think I've been too busy seeing 'red' ;-). Toad is having "relevancy" issues with this, too.

And you win for best twitter of the night with, "For those that aren't my FB Friends, I just want you to know I bought a quart of milk." So funny I'm still laughing over it.

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