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@Mitch -- now you got my curiosity peaked. I will need to poke around as well ;-)

@Paul -- here's another thought I had as I was re-reading all these comments. Perhaps part of the "vote" we cast goes to what's the experience of working with an agency? Are they easy to work with? Do they deliver quality and thoughtful products on time and on budget? Do they hold themselves accountable to execute flawlessly? These might not be part of the measurement consideration, yet in my experience they are what makes or breaks a relationship.

Nice post Valeria, my-two-cents - I've worked with both agencies and consultants on brands would have to say the level of strategic and creative thinking is very similar - both of these industries have very smart people. Consultants in the marketing space struggle with measurement and accountability as much as agencies - that's part and parcel of a 'social science' and it's never going to change.

I think I saw another study that dealt more with how the B2B purchase decision was made and how much Social Media does affect the purchase decision.

I will have to try and dig that one up now!

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