Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - My 12 Best Marketing Conversations of 2007


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Thank you for your kind words, Karen. I have been thinking about ways to take the conversation to the next level. This year there will be live meetups in Philadelphia, for one. I will also talk more about practical applications -- something I have done at Fast Company in this past year.

Your perspective and participation have been important and appreciated.


I'm just getting back into a somewhat normal routine - so a Happy belated New Year!

What a great year for you, and for all your readers. It always amazes me how you can consistently come up with intelligent and insightful comments - ones that really make us think, and force us to dig deeper to find solutions that until now, may have been hidden. You have proven again and again that the answers really do lie in the conversation.

Many thanks for your comments and summary of the year's posts.

I wish you all the best for 2008. May it, as you say, be a year of immense possibility both individually, and for the world!

You have been one of the sharpest minds I've had the pleasure to meet and get to know/read more this year. Hope the work is fulfilling to you and gives you a chance to grow and learn.

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