Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Seni Thomas: 2008- The Year Networks Become More Than Social


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@Carolyn and Gavin

Thanks for the kind words. 100% understand your points. However, what do you think about an innovation program like the 20% program at 3M and Google being amplified through a program like this. Food for thought.

@Carolyn Ann -- thank you for extending the conversation. Now that I'm reading "How to Make the Impossible Possible" I am even more motivated to seeing meaning as the inspiring act.

@Gavin -- the concept of playing it small is intriguing. Perhaps test small or build in increments and dream big. I find the need to reconcile dream with this because the thought of possibility is what ignites meaning to me.

I like your thinking, Seni. As Carolyn Ann suggests, often the biggest barriers within corporations for this type of innovative thinking/teaming is the very thing that has made the corporation successful in the past. One of the factors that is important to consider is how to play SMALL. Small projects, group collaborations and inter-disciplinary approaches can allow you to operate below the radar until you are ready to launch. This allows you to create some success before you begin to expand. And once you have success, you can gain the wider support you will need.

What you are proposing sets forth a vision -- and that is exactly the thing that can help you remain focused when you encounter the people and process blocks that inevitably spring up.

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