Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - The Other Story on Twitter Tuesday: Best Buy and Laughing Squid


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Twitter especially is such a real time tool that the news may be old by the time you refresh once ;-)

The good news is that Laughing Squid published the apology letter and is aggregating all of the blog coverage so Best Buy is getting its due credit for doing the right thing in the end.

We will see more cases popping up here and there. The agencies recommending social media are still pushing it as a promotional tool, not understanding the community nature of blogging, etc. They won't get it until they commit to it themselves, and I see very few doing it.

Sadly, I'm sure a lot of the people who heard about the C&D letter may never have stuck around to hear about the apology.

Things are a-changing online, and it will likely be a bumpy road for some corporations as they adjust to a new way of dealing with online public scrutiny.

I think we'll see many more 'lessons-learned' like this one in the near future.

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