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Ah, "truth" - that wonderfully vague, totally incomplete and resolutely defiant concept. My truth is hogwash to someone else; and all that. Simon Blackburn wrote an excellent guide to truth...

I realized what you meant a short time after writing that post, Tiffany (if I may be so bold, and familiar?) My apologies for jumping up and down so vigorously. :-)

In my defense, I can only say that I get embroiled in so many debates about free expression, and what it really is; usually with people who want to curtail some aspect of it, "for the benefit of all". Or some, similar, nonsense. I should stop and think before writing, but my knee-jerk reaction is to rush to the defense of what too many consider the indefensible. Sorry. :-)

Carolyn Ann

Maybe "govern" wasn't the right word there. Perhaps the idea is that they will at least involve themselves in the process - that there will be, at least, some truth out there to be found (in the hypothetical world in which traditional media ceases to exist). I certainly don't want to exist in a media landscape where there is no free expression, but I don't want to live in one where there's a hopeless sense that truth and fact aren't valuable or can't be found!

"The future of communication really boils down to whether or not responsible, thoughtful people will govern this truly free democracy under principles that secure the future of communication while making it interesting, relevant and valuable."

Oh, I certainly hope not!

This is actually a really pet bugaboo with me: the imposition of order (responsibility, etc: "it" goes by so many names!) on free expression. I'd rather it be chaotic, unequal (as long we're all given equal opportunity to be unequal), and as meaningful or meaningless as the 'author' wants! We need a few carnivals going on - at the same time, on the same field! Not an ordered parade!

At some point, standards and expectations will evolve. They'll probably serve to quash some free expression, but I hope not! People will become known by their reputations, and networks of "trust" will develop. The Internet, after all, simply provides a new media for an old practice: that of conversation. ( ! :-) ) People will find ways, I sincerely hope, of expressing themselves, and of continuing to annoy, offend and upset others. They'll also delight, please and inspire others. What a sad, falsely pretty world it would be without the potential for disagreement!

As far experts: I continually find that ancient truisms still apply, no matter the media used for communication! People stubbornly seem to stay the same. Thankfully! (At least something is constant in this ever-changing world.)

Carolyn Ann

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