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As someone who is just beginning their blogging life I certainly appreciate the comments. Great analogy. Oops sorry about the burp.

Great post! Keep it Simple and Successful!

@David -- let me know when you do ;-) I'll be happy to attend.

@Carolyn Ann -- looking at the comparison in concrete terms, I am on board with your thought process. Product is not the same as outcome in a literal sense. Walking away with a nice set of elegant Tupperware (I do respond to design) is different from taking away an idea. Yet, metaphorically, it may not be. In the same way as a new container makes you feel better abut the food that is stored in it (it will be fresher, last longer, etc.) a new idea may be the container for your knowledge and experience and allow it to remold itself in a new form. This was the wrapper I put around my post at the Blog Herald, where the Tupperware party is an illustration of the psychology and methods of influence. Looking at it that way, the dynamics of social interaction are constructed on such things as attractiveness, similarity, compliments, contact and cooperation, conditioning and association. Thank you for seeing it differently... I would not want to force round pegs into square holes at any point in time ;-)

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