Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - An Unlikely Blend -- Part II


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Thank you for taking the time to report from the ground, Frode. And welcome to the conversation. I think chains work less well in Europe in general, people are much more "local" in their approach to everything, communities are better knit, still, etc.

Cafe's are so good in Italy that I would be hard pressed to find a reason to go to Starbucks there, especially since I do not go here.

Italy sounds great, but you know, here in London the differences between the Starbucks' are vast. And it usually comes down to the staff. :-) Some are great. Some are just terrible, dirty , bad air, bad service and so on. The great ones truly are nice places to read a paper, do some work and smile.

@Joe -- plenty. But I will be in Minneapolis in early March. Will share details when I have them. Would love to meet face to face.

@Scott -- you are absolutely right. And the airport and train station coffee is already very good. I do a lot of travel to and from and have had great service in both places. There is also the pricing issue, which in Europe at the moment is a sticking point. Right again on experience most people had not had here. I keep forgetting that most do not even (or did not before last summer) have a passport ;-)

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